Webmaster Tools Submit URL

What is Google Webmaster Tools

It is a free tool, which is very much useful for website owners. It helps the user to maintain the website in many ways and also improves the search result. The most amazing feature of the Google Webmaster tools is, it is free. The webmaster tools submit URL is a feature using which you can manually index your websites’ link into the google search engine.

webmaster tools url submit
webmaster tools url submit

Google webmaster tools submit URL will not make your post rank on the google result. But it will definitely index your article in the search engine and its result.

Here are few benefits of the google webmaster tools submit URL

  • It allows the google to access to the content of your website after you submit your website to the tool.
  • You can easily add or modify new posts or pages to the google webmaster tool (search engine). Also, you can remove the content of your site from the search engine.
  • By using the google webmaster tools you can easily find bugs and other major errors on the website.
  • Google webmaster tool also gives a detailed report of our website performance, related to the search engine.
  • It also reports for the error in your site which directly impacts your search presence.
  • Can check the organic traffic and clicks from the google search engine.
  • Also checks for the ranked keyword that are driving traffic to your website.
  • You will get a list of the site linking to your website.
  • Check for the mobile user’s report and PC users.

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Here is the link to access the google webmaster tools submit URL.

How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools Submit URL

For setting up google webmaster tools submit URL on your website. You will need to first verify your domain ownership on your google webmaster tool. There are several methods to verify your website ownership, below are the names of the method to verify.

webmaster tools url submit
webmaster tools url submit
  1. First of all, you will need a google account or Gmail account to setup google webmaster tools submit URL.
  2. Click on this link to get redirected to the official Google webmaster website.
  3. Now from the top left corner click on the add a property.
  4. The URL of the site you want to add in the Google webmaster tools submit URL.
  5. After that, it asks for the methods, in which you feel comfortable to verify your domain ownership. There is a total of 5 methods to verify.
    1. HTML File – By uploading an HTML file to your directory, your domain can be easily verified.
    2. HTML Tag – In this method you just simply need to add an HTML tag in the header section of your website.
    3. Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics – For both of these methods you will require an analytic account from google. Also, you should be aware of how to use that account. Other further details will be given by the google webmaster tools URL submit.
    4. Domain name provider – Just sign in to your domain service provider and add a new TXT record in the DNS configuration. Copy the TXT record from the google webmaster tool and update it there on your domain provider panel to verify your domain ownership.
  6. After the successful verification of your domain. You are now ready to check all the reports and performance of your website.
  7. webmaster tools submit url
    webmaster tools submit URL
  8. In the URL inspection section, you can index your new links to the google search engine.
  9. webmaster tools submit URL
  10. Also, there are tons of features in the Google webmaster tools submit URL. keep using these tools and you will be familiar with it. Feel free to comment your query below, we would love to help you.
webmaster tools url submit
webmaster tools url submit

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