PUBG Free Crate Coupons and Silver Fragments Tricks Latest 2019

PUBG Free Crate

PUBG Free Crates or Silver Fragments aren’t easy to get. PUBG Crates costs UC or money indirectly. On the other hand, PUBG Free Silver Fragments can be earned by dismantling your duplicate outfits, skins or items. Earlier, I’ve posted about How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile. But this time, I’ve got best tips and tricks for PUBG Free Crate Coupons or Silver Fragments then stay with us and learn more about it! Basically, you it’s not a hack or exploit for PUBG Free items. In this post, you’ll know about tricks to earn PUBG Free Crates and fragment and other rare items.

PUBG Free Crates

There’s many ways to get free crates in PUBG Mobile. But in this post, I’ll be explaning top 3 ways that you probably don’t know.

Method 1: Using VPN for PUBG Free Crates and Fragments

We’ve previously shared “How to get FREE gun skin in PUBG Mobile” using the VPN. PUBG Mobile is always giving rewards to selected countries for reaching milestone or just rewarding for the events or festival of that country. So, here’s the trick:

1. Download Solo VPN from the play store.

2. Open Solo VPN and connect to Vietnam.

3. Open PUBG Mobile and open inbox as shown in screenshot below and Boom!

PUBG Free Crate Coupons
PUBG Free Crate Coupons

Collect your regards! PUBG Free Crate Coupon and Fragments and more!

PUBG Mobile Crate Coupon
PUBG Free Fragments and Crate Coupons

This  can will give you free crates and 10 classic crate scraps which is equal to one classic crate coupon. Also, you’ll get PUBG free fragments and 15 limited time injections which can be used to redeem limited time crate in events! You can also try Taiwan VPN and many more VPNs to collect free rewards in PUBG Mobile will be posted in future posts.

Method 2: Events for Free Crate Coupons and Fragments:

There’s always events going in PUBG Mobile which gives you cool stuff like Crate Coupons or Fragments for doing some tasks like finishing in Top 3 in Classic Squads, etc. The tasks are usually really simple but may give good rewards in return! Those tasks gets reset daily, you can complete them everyday to get the reward!

PUBG free crate coupons
PUBG Mobile Free Crate Coupons

Currently, the Resident Evil event is going on which is offering really good skins and crate which can contain free gun skin in PUBG Mobile! Also, there’s many more events going on at the moment. Head to PUBG Mobile > Events and check them out!

Method 3: PUBG Mobile Ramadan Login Event:

PUBG Mobile Ramadan Login Regards
PUBG Ramadan Login Regards

To celebrate Ramadan, PUBG has added new login rewards in Events section which will take you to a external web page where you can collect your rewards. Throughout the event, eligible players can rack up rewards ranging from Classic Coupon Scraps and modest BP injections, all the way to temporary and permanent cosmetic items.

Most of the outfits, like the Bloody Fangs Suit and Kitten Cover, will only last three days when activated, whereas the Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit featured on the last day of the month is yours to keep forever. Take a look at the full rewards in the image down below, or scroll on for the list.

Below is the full list of login regards for PUBG Free Crate Coupons, Fragments and much more:

PUBG Mobile Ramadan Login
PUBG free Crates

You aren’t expected to log in every day to claim a specific reward. If you happen to be on a break from the game but still want to look your best when you come back, just log in on May 31 for that permanent Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit and call it a day. Make sure to give your feedback on this and comment your personal tips and tricks to get free items in PUBG Mobile!

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