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Hey, guys today we are going to discuss the Netflix plans in India. From the last few years, we have seen that the majority of youths are shifting towards online content instead of TV. This is all due to the reduced rates of the data plans, after the coming of jio. Check all the information about the jio here. Also from the last few years, Netflix is also focusing on the Indian content, and there is some Hindi exclusive content on Netflix like Sacred games, Ghoul, Delhi Crime, etc.


Here are some of the latest plans for Netflix. Currently, there are three plans of Netflix in India. All the plans by Netflix are a maximum of 30 days. All the plans are having a different kind of features and options, let us discuss them below deeply. Also, all the plans come with the free 30 days trial and also we can cancel the trial before the 30 days to being safe from your account debit. You can access the Netflix account on any supported device.

  1. BASIC NETFLIX PLANs – This is the cheapest monthly planed offered by Netflix. The monthly cost of this plan is ₹500. This plan is suitable for only a single user. But the quality of the video is STANDARD in this plan.
  2. STANDARD NETFLIX PLANs – This plan is suitable for two users and they both can use the same account simultaneously. The monthly cost of this plan is ₹ 650. In this account, you can stream the videos in the HD quality, unlike the Basic Netflix plan.
  3. PREMIUM NETFLIX PLANs – This is the best and the most costly plan of the Netflix, as you will need to pay ₹ 800 for a month for this plan. This plan can be accessed by the 4 users simultaneously and a child user. In this plan, you can watch the videos in the ultra HD quality.

netflix plans

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So these were the plans by Netflix, hope you understood the plans and all its details. Also, the users are not mostly shifted to online content rather than the T.V.

netflix plans

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