How to Increase Jio Speed | Slow Jio Speed Problem Fix

Jio has been ruling the telecom market from the day it was launched. As it provides very affordable recharge internet plans including, 4G data, SMS, Calls. In fact, it was Jio that led the Indian telecom sector to witness a revolution in terms of subscription pricing and benefits. After the launch of Jio, many other telecom companies are giving affordable and exciting offers but, none of them can match Jio’s value in terms of pricing. But, some users face Jio 4G slow speed problem. So, further in this post, we will be discussing How to Increase Jio Speed:

Increase Jio Speed

Note: Some tips and tricks to increase Jio Speed may or may not work on your device as it all depends on the area you’re living in.

Increase Jio Speed

There are various methods to increase Jio net speed. If one trick doesn’t work in your area, try another one. These tricks can boost your Jio 4G Speed from 200Kbps to up to 20Mbps. Make sure that you follow each step carefully, or the trick may not work. Also, to monitor your Jio 4G speed set up an internet speed meter:

1. Download Internet Speed Meter Lite app from the play store.

2. Open the application “Internet Speed Meter lite app”.

3. Keep this in mind that your mobile network must be connected to Band 40.

4. Now, to test your speed download any app from the play store or play YouTube at 1080p and check the speed that you’re getting on the speed meter.

If your speed is low, then follow the methods given below to Increase Jio 4G Speed.

1. Increase Jio Speed with APN Settings

How to increase Jio speed

Now, I am going to tell you How To Set APN To Increase Jio Speed. Do follow the given steps carefully as this will surely impact on your Jio Speed in a positive way.

1. Go to the settings options. When it opens up, click on the “Mobile Networks” option.

2. Now select the Access Point Name (APN) of your inserted Jio Sim.

3. If you’re using a dual sim phone. Then make sure you choose the sim slot in which you’ve inserted your Jio Sim.

4. Now click on the 3 dots on the top right or left corner (this option may different on different phones).

5. Select “Set New APN” and hit Save.
Finally, a new APN will be created, Now you have to make some changes on recently created Access Point Name (APN). We will now tell you How To Set new APN.

Best APN Settings:

I’ve provided you all settings down below. Just follow the steps and settings as same as I’ve given you in order to increase Jio Speed.

Name: www.Jio.Services

APN: jionet
APN Type: Default
Proxy: No Changes
Port: No Changes
Username: No Changes
Password: No Changes
Server: Google
MMSC: No Changes
MMS Proxy: No Changes
MMS Port: No Changes
MCC: 405
MNC: 857 or 863 or 874
Authentication Type: No Changes
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

And save these settings and set as active. Now, restart your device and you’ll see the difference in your Jio 4G Speed!

Increase Jio 4G Net Speed

2. Modify Band To Increase Jio Speed:

1. Go to dialer and dial *#*#4636#*#*

2. Now, from the given options, select the “Phone Information”.

3. From the multiple options, Select “Set Preferred Network Type”

4. Lastly, select “LTE Only”.

3. Install F-Secure Freedom To Increase Jio Speed

1. Open your device and go to google play store.

2. Search or download F-Secure Freedom.

3. Now install the application and select the server location i.e. Singapore server.

4. Now surf the internet with enhanced Jio Net speed.

Slow Jio Speed Fix
Slow Jio Speed Solution


So, above I’ve shared some best methods and tips & tricks to Increase Jio speed and I hope it will fix your Slow Jio Speed problem. And if you have any doubts regarding this post feel free to comment and we will try our best to clear your doubts!

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