How to Change Name in Truecaller App Tutorial

Change Name in TrueCaller

Truecaller is found in everyone’s phone nowadays. It greatly helps to avoid scam/fake calls. TrueCaller displays name of anyone calling you even if you haven’t saved that number. But, sometimes it shows the wrong name or spelling mistakes. Anyone would feel bad, as their name is shown incorrectly. So, here’s the best method to Change Name in TrueCaller and you can do it without a Smartphone too.

Change Name in TrueCaller
TrueCaller Name Change

How to Change Name in TrueCaller

The simplest way to change the incorrect name in TrueCaller is making an account on TrueCaller App. Download TrueCaller and sign up with your valid info which will replace the existing info.

The app works on both iOS and Android and will need either WiFi or mobile data to work to its full potential. TrueCaller was created as a caller ID app but has since grown to offer some neat features that include calling, messaging, number or person searching and more. It has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past couple of years despite having a few privacy concerns.

True Caller App Login

It is the simplest and easiest way to change your name in True Dailer. But, if you don’t have a smartphone you can try the alternate method given below:

How to Change Name in TrueCaller without Smartphone

First of all, if you are not sure if your name is displayed incorrectly in the Truecaller app. Then, you can simply head to and log in.

Then, you can simply enter the number you want details for. As shown below in the image below:

Change Name in TrueCaller

Now, if your name is displayed correctly without any mistake then it’s good but if its displayed wrong or with mistakes. You can change it by the step by step guide given below to Change Name in TrueCaller:

Go to their “Name Suggestion” page. Enter all the correct details on this page and submit. Truecaller will manually review your submission and change it as soon as their verification is over.

How to Change name in Truecaller
How to Change Name in TrueCaller

The true caller takes a few days to change in its database and after that when call displayed on another phone will display the name you entered.


Now, you’ve found a way to change the display name and how True Caller actually works. it seems like a great little app to use. Do you use TrueCaller? Like it? Got any concerns or stories related to it? Tell us about your experiences below! And don’t forget to share it with your friend to help them out too!

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