How To Get Free Kar98 Skin in PUBG Mobile for 20UC (Limited Time)

Free Kar98 Skin

PUBG Mobile recently launched their new update with tons of new stuff and new modes. They also added new gun skins! But, there’s some secret skins which can only be obtained by using the VPN of that specific region. We have previously explained about how to get free UMP skin in PUBG. Now, we have found a new trick to get Free Kar98 Skin in PUBG Mobile.

Edit: The Trick has been patched and now it costs 20UC. Still it isn’t a bad deal to get a amazing Kar98 skin for UC!

How to get Free Kar98 Skin

Free Kar98 skin trick
PUBG Free Kar98K Skin

To get this Free Kar98 Skin, you have to download Browsec VPN to connect to Norway then this Free Kar98 skin will be visible in your PUBG Mobile Shop! Below is the detailed guide to get this PUBG Mobile Kar98 Skin:

1. Download and install Browsec VPN from the link given below.

Free Kar98 skin pubg

2. Open Browsec VPN and select Norway and connect and hit connect.

Free Kar98 skin PUBG

3. Now, open PUBG Mobile and go to: “Shop > Treasure”. There you’ll see this crate as shown in screenshot below which will give you a Free Kar98 skin in 20UC only!

How to get Free Kar98k Skin

You have to lucky to get it permanently else you’ll get it for limited time. Or you can buy more than one crate.

Free Pubg skins
Permanent Kar98 Skin

I got this kar98k skin permanently after opening that crate for 2 times. This skin is very unique and I highly recommend everyone to check it out. Not many players have this skin and most of players don’t even know about this trick which makes this skin more rare. There’s tons of ways to get completely free or cheap skins which you will see in our future posts!

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