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1. The minimum word limit of each article is 500 words.
2. The article should be SEO friendly. (I’ll Give a tutorial on how to write SEO friendly articles.)
3. The article should be fresh, make sure it is not copied from any other source.
4. I’ll check each article from here. (Its a tool which checks the article for plagiarism.)
5. I’ll give you the topic/keywords to work upon.
6. If your article ranks up in the first page of the google you get additional ₹150
7. An individual should have a minimum of 15 posts written to redeem their earnings.
8. Per word, I’ll pay you 0.18 paise. (Total amount you’ll get per post ₹0.18×500=₹90) You can make the article more than 500 words also.
9. After surpassing the 15 posts. You will get 0.22 per word and after that 0.50 paise per word. This WILL increase gradually as per your work quality.
10. I’ll also provide you some basic tools which will help to write a good article with very less grammatical errors.

If you are writing for the first time on the blog, then I’ll help you to figure out all the things.

If you guys agree with these points then contact me from here. We’ll start to do the work from today itself.

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