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In Blogger there are so many templates but the most famous one is a Newspaper template because of its attractive looks and eases to write an article and manage the articles or blog posts.

What is a Newspaper Theme?

So, if you are a blogger you have listened about the newspaper theme at least once in your blogging career. As the name suggests the template looks similar to a newspaper. As in a newspaper, there are some columns, pictures, and headlines this theme has lots of similarities with the newspaper.  This Template or theme is available for both Blogger and WordPress websites.

Newspaper 9 Template

Features of Newspaper 9 Template

Header Newspaper 9 theme

If we use the newspaper 9 templates in blogger then we will get a header section like WordPress where we will get the top menu, Logo and main menu with an Ad Box option.  So the benefit is the way we can customize header easily in Blogger like we customize header in WordPress.

Post-Area & Sidebar feature

So the second feature is In this template in the post area we are getting News ticker featured post and Prisma theory with the latest post option. And you can customize this also according to you.

In Newspaper 9 Blogger theme we are getting the sidebar section similar to WordPress. Also, we are getting a sticky sidebar section in this theme. that is a very awesome feature.

Footer Section in Newspaper 9 Template

So in footer section, three columns are given which we could be customized according to you.  The copyright section, About Us tab and contact Us tab can be seen in the footer as well as all the social media icons that can be seen in the footer. so this template becomes very attractive after this.

Live Search on the header

Build complete experiences without any web design skills! The Newspaper Theme comes with a Live Search function that will make your visitors thank you. It helps your visitors quickly access the desired content by giving results based on the input keyword and each letter typed into the form.
Drag and drop it to your header and customize it. You’ve got virtually unlimited options available to you. Test out the Live Search designs to find the one that works best with the rest of your website’s style.

Advance Feature of Newspaper 9 Template

Now we are going to talk about the advance feature of Newspaper 9 Template i.e., Auto Ad in all articles.

As you all know,  To show Ads in any article, you have to paste the Ad Unit everywhere in Article But In this Newspaper 9 Template there is a WordPress like a plugin is preinstalled. Now, you only have to add the Ad Unit once and will automatically save in all the articles and we don’t have to paste it manually in every article.

Newspaper 9 Template

Purchase Newspaper 9 Template from here

How to install the Newspaper 9 template in Blogger?

Now the main thing is how to install the template in Blogger, I think this is the biggest problem with Blogger User to change the template and editing it according to website requirement. So here are some steps to install the Newspaper 9 template in Blogger.

  1. First, go to Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Now click on Theme Tab.
  3. Now click on the three dots and then click on Restore.
  4. Now click on Upload then a tab will open, select the XML file to upload.
  5. Now a message will appear on screen that “Theme installed successfully”.

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