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All About Cloud Storage Providers

It is the latest era and we all know the value of our Data. So in this article, we are going to discuss the Best Cloud Storage provides in 2019. We’ll first start by what is cloud storage and what are its benefits and after that who are the best cloud storage, providers.


Cloud storage is a modern way to keep our data safe on online servers. All our data is stored somewhere else and we can access that using the internet. The data is maintained and safely stored there by a company, who takes care of everything. We can also term Cloud storage as Utility storage. Nowadays what people do is, they keep the backup of all their files on cloud storage. So whenever they require the data, they can fetch that from anywhere in the world.


All your file stored on the cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere in the world, the point is you must have login credentials. Also, an internet connection is required to access all the data. There are very fewer chances of data loss or data corruption. Maintaining the data over the cloud storage is pretty much easy. You can easily share your big files also. Now, the disadvantages of cloud storage are that you will need to have the best cloud storage so that you can believe in them and can store your data. You will get a limited storage amount. A high speed working internet connection is a must. Also, bandwidth is limited. It may be very costly if you need a huge system for all your data. The security of your data is also compromised if you will use free or cheap cloud storage.


Types of Cloud Storage Providers

There are mainly four types of Cloud Storage Providers, we’ll discuss them all in brief.

  1. Personal Cloud Storage Providers– In this kind of cloud storage you store your files at a public server. Mostly this kind of Cloud Storage providers offers the service for free or at a very minimal charge. Some of the examples of this type of cloud storage are Google Drive, iCloud, etc.
  2. Public Cloud Storage Providers– Here your data is stored in the separate space other than the public space, unlike the Personal Cloud Storage Providers. Here all your data is stored and managed by the Cloud company.
  3. Private Cloud Storage Providers– Private Cloud Storage Providers has a different hard disk for storing the data completely private. This type of Cloud Storage is used when the size of the data is huge. Also, this is costly as compared to the other Cloud Storage Providers Plan. This plan offers the high security and fabulous performance of the data stored at the cloud servers.
  4. Hybrid Cloud Storage Providers– This is the combination of both public and private cloud storage providers. The same data is stored at multiple places to keep the data more secure. This kind of storage providers are used to store the extremely important data, so we’ll not lose it. The Hybrid Cloud Storage is very costly and everyone uses it.

Must check

File Hosting Sites

Mostly the people use Personal cloud storage as it is mostly free and very much continent for them. Google drive is the best in this category as they offer free 15 GB of cloud storage over their servers. Which can be accessed from the anywhere in the world. if you have login credentials. In the market, there are also some file hosting sites, which offers the user to freely host the file up to a limit, after that you need to pay them. These sites are good sharing the file publicly but not for storing the private files or data. Most of the time website owners use this kind of website to share any application or files among their users. But there are always a restriction on these kinds of websites. As they also want to earn and for that, they add restriction there.


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