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In this section of the website, we’re going to discuss the best antivirus in 2019. All the antivirus listed here is tested on the windows 10. There are 3 primary criteria on which these antiviruses are listed and ranked.

  • Performance
  • Protection
  • Usability

Why we use antivirus?

The computer world consists of two kinds of people that are good and bad. So on the internet, there are many people who just wanted to steal our personal data for their own benefit. This can be done in any way, let me describe the most common way. Through which they target us.

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The most common way in which our computer system can be infected is by using any external media, having a virus. This is the most common way through which the virus, malware and other harmful files for the computer can be transferred easily. Without being in the knowledge of the user. This is the first example, let’s proceed to another one.

best antivirus
best antivirus

The second major source of the virus and other unwanted files is the Internet. While surfing the internet we come across many sites. Some of the sites may have a script for the user to automatically download any infected file. That infected file may cause some serious harm to the computer or may also leak your personal and sensitive data. There are tons of similar case in which the hacker m try to get access to your data or just to infect your computer system for no reason.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the best antivirus in 2019. While keeping the above-mentioned point in the mind.

Best Antivirus in 2019

These antiviruses were tested with the latest build of Windows 10. So keep in mind that, these will work flawlessly in your Windows 10 device. We’ll only list the top 3 antiviruses, which are best in performance, protection, and usability. Also, don’t forget to use the latest available version of the listed antiviruses below.

1. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

This antivirus is on the top of the list. It protected the computer from 97% of viruses and malware attack at the time of test performed. Also in terms of the usability, this antivirus performs very good and doesn’t give any false warning to the user. Also, it handles some basic operations at its own level without disturbing the user.

Check the official website of the Avast from here.

best antivirus
best antivirus

2. Bitdefender Security

While testing the Bitdefender Security, we found that this antivirus protects from 98% of the virus. This best antivirus is far better than the Avast Antivirus. But we can see the degradation in the pc after installing this antivirus. This is the reason it is at second place instead of first. Also, it has 1% chances of false warning.

Official Website

3. F-Secure PSB Computer Protection

This is the best antivirus and having a score of 100% in detecting the virus and all common malware in the PC. Also, this antivirus didn’t show any false warning as of now, in the test. But this antivirus does a little bit of impact on the application and website on the system, on the system which it is installed.

You get a free trial of this best antivirus from the given link.

best antivirus
best antivirus

So these were the best antivirus of September 2019, according to the reports and the actual testing of each antivirus individually.

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