200+ Dragon Names from International locations, Areas & Films

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Dragon NamesDragon Names

An fascinating level to be famous right here is that there’s a distinction between feminine and male dragon names. Moreover, dragon names range in line with their sort. Sure! You learn it proper. There are various kinds of dragons, and their names are given accordingly.

Checklist of Dragon Names

For simple reference and fast lookup, we now have enlisted a number of the hottest dragon names no matter their varieties beneath. These names are principally derived from non secular texts, mythologies, legends, and people tales of the world.

Dragon Names by Nation/Area

Dragon Names Nation/Area
Al Tinnin Arabian
Abzu Babylon
Amaru Inca
Azhdaha Persia
Azure Dragon China
Aido Wedo Benin
Bahamut Arabia
Bakunawa Philippines
Bolla Albania
Balaur Romania
Bheithir Scotland
Boitatá Brazil
Coca Portugal
Druk Tibet
Dreq Albania
Drac Catalan
Drákōn Greece
Ejderha or Evren Turkey
Erenkyl Turkey
Falak Arabia
Feydragon England
Gyo Korea
Ikuchi Levant
Imoogi Korea
Illuyaka Turkey
Kukulkan Mexico
Knucker England
Kulshedra Albania
Kur Sumer
Kanlaon Philippines
Lóng China
Leviathan Levant
Laho Philippines
Longwitton England
Lindworm Germany, Iceland, Scandinavia
Marduk Babylon
Mušḫuššu Babylon
Nāga India
Nogo Indonesia, Malaysia
Neak Cambodia
Olimaw Philippines
Orochi Japan
Ouroboros Egypt
Pakhangba India
Piasa Hen Native America
Quetzalcoatl Central Mexico
Q’uq’umatz Mexico
Ryū Japan
Rồng Vietnam
Slibinas Lithuania
Sárkány Hungary
St. Leonard’s Forest Dragon England
Tiamat Babylon
Tatsu Japan
Tarasque France
Thevetat North American
Teju Jagua Paraguay
Vishap Armenia
Vritra India
Věri Şělen Turkey
Wawel Dragon Romania
Worm Hill Dragon England
Wyrm England
Wyvern England
Xiuhcoatl Central Mexico
Yam Levant
Yong Korea
Yilbegän Siberia
Y Ddraig Goch Wales
Zahhak Persia
Zomok Hungary
Zburator Romania
Zmey Slavs
Zilant Tatarstan

Dragon Names by Films

Dragon Names Films
Adelaid Smite George and the Dragon
Alina Past Sherwood Forest
Arman On – drakon
Aroara Dragons: Hearth and Ice
The Metallic Ages
Bahamut SIN Last Fantasy VII Introduction Youngsters
Bard Child Shakespeare
Beowulf’s son Beowulf
Bio Dragon Fighter
Birdy Evolution
Boris Elmer’s Journey: My Father’s Dragon
Bryagh The Flight of Dragons
Condor Ewoks: The Battle for Endor
Cornwall Quest for Camelot
Dagahra Rebirth of Mothra II
Darksmoke Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer
Devon Quest for Camelot
Dexter The Dragon That Wasn’t (Or Was He?)
Diaval Maleficent
Dororo Keroro Gunso the Tremendous Film 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors
Draco Dragonheart
Dragonstorm Transformers: The Final Knight
Eborsisk Willow
Elliot Pete’s Dragon
Elliott Pete’s Dragon
Emperor Han The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Eustace Scrubb The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Daybreak Treader
Fafnir Die Nibelungen
Genie Aladdin
Ginko-Who-Soars Dolittle
Good Imoogi D-Conflict
Gorbash The Flight of Dragons
Gorynych Ilya Muromets
Gwythaints The Black Cauldron
Haku Spirited Away
Hector Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Ebook
Herman The Story of Tillie’s Dragon
Hugo Barbie as Rapunzel
Hungarian Horntail Harry Potter
Hydra Hercules
Jabberwocky Alice in Wonderland
John John Dragones: destino de fuego
Jozo Courageous Story
Keroro Keroro Gunso the Tremendous Film 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors
King Ghidorah Godzilla Sequence
Liu Kang Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Lollipop Dragon SVE
Lord Maliss Fortunately Ever After
Ludmilla Bartok the Magnificent
Madam Mim The Sword within the Stone
Maleficent Descendants
Maleficent Sleeping Magnificence
Manda Atragon
Marina Dragones: destino de fuego
Matches Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul College
Mōryō Naruto Shippuden the Film
Mushu Mulan
Norbert Norwegian Ridgeback Harry Potter
Olly Stanley’s Dragon
Orochi Legend of the Millennium Dragon
Orochimaru The Magic Serpent
Pendragon Jack the Big Killer (1962 movie)
Penelope Barbie as Rapunzel
Po’s chi Kung Fu Panda 3
Puff Puff the Magic Dragon
Puffy Tom and Jerry: The Misplaced Dragon
Queen Narissa Enchanted
Quetzalcoatl Q
Quill Dragon Storm
Reluctant The Reluctant Dragon
Reptilicus Reptilicus
Saphira Eragon
Scales Sintel
Shenron Dragonball Evolution
Shernomore The Stolen Princess
Shruikan Eragon
Slyder Barbie & the Diamond Fort
Smaug The Hobbit
Smaug The Hobbit
Smrgol The Flight of Dragons
Spike My Little Pony: The Film
Targon Dragons: Hearth and Ice
The Metallic Ages
Taro The seventh Voyage of Sinbad
Tatsu Taro the Dragon Boy
Therru Tales from Earthsea
Thoron Dragons: Hearth and Ice
The Metallic Ages
Thurdigree Burns Casper’s Scare College
Toothless The right way to Prepare Your Dragon
Ukrainian Ironbelly Harry Potter
Vildrok Dragones: destino de fuego
Whimsey My Little Pony: Twinkle Want Journey
World Gobbler Dragon Hunters
Zmey Gorynych Dobrynya Nikitich and Zmey Gorynych

The checklist compiled above consists of each female and male dragon names. Feminine dragons have a legacy and fan base of their very own all through media and cultural folklore. Regardless of their gender, dragons are considered energy beasts, which both assist individuals win wars or trigger chaos of their lives and should be slain by the ‘chosen one.’

No matter their genders and cultural interpretations, the dragon stays mysterious, daunting, and majestic to many individuals worldwide. Dragon lovers go to lengths in designing the quilt, graphics, and artwork about them.

Historical past of Dragon Names

Dragons are legendary creatures which were a part of world literature and folklore for an extended interval. Characterised by their energy and energy, dragons in historical past and tradition characterize beasts, that are masters of earthly, aerial, fireplace, water, and ice-related battle expertise. Mix all of those with their magical powers, and it provides a lot aura to their mysterious demeanor.

Dragon History

Dragon History

Dragons are perceived in another way throughout numerous cultures and non secular streams. Every tradition and faith perceives dragons in line with their beliefs. For instance, dragons are depicted as evil beasts in Christian texts and symbolize chaos and turmoil. However, many religious faculties of thought and Japanese cultures understand them as clever and holy deities.

These variations lie not solely in notion but additionally within the bodily portrayal of those mighty beasts. This distinction will be categorized in line with Japanese and Western cultures. Dragons in Japanese Cultures are wingless and extremely smart creatures which will breathe fireplace or ice, whereas dragons in Western cultures have wings and breath fireplace solely.

In actual life, oftentimes individuals seek advice from an individual as ‘Dragon’ due to their capacity to beat challenges in life and self conquering expertise. Equally, the phrase ‘to awaken the dragon inside’ signifies waking up or sharpening of 1’s mental talents to beat obstacles and hardships in life. Thus it’s protected to conclude that dragons symbolize and signify ethical character, bodily energy, the actualization of mental talents, knowledge and mysterious powers whatever the tradition they belong to.

The idea of dragons, both aiding the people in a noble trigger or performing because the aides of villains after which being slain by their chosen slayers, discovered its solution to Hollywood and cinema throughout the globe too. A few of the most well-known cinematic adaptions of dragons in each evil and noble avatars have been explored within the subsequent part alongside their names.

Cinematic Adoption & Literary Portrayal of Dragon Names

All through literary and cinematic historical past, dragons have been given a number of the most fascinating names. How these names are conceived, or the standards of making use of them on a selected dragon stay unspecified. Nonetheless, let’s check out a number of the hottest and fascinating cinematic dragon names of all instances.

Dragons in Movies

Dragons in Movies

Let’s start exploring dragon names with the most well-liked dragons of tv. The three dragons portrayed as Daenerys’s kids within the well-known tv present, Sport of Thrones, have been named Dragon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. All three of them may initially breathe fireplace however later breathed ice and finally died. Daenerys’s dragons symbolized her braveness, energy, and energy she gained over time.

Different cinematic dragon names embody Evening Fury from the 2010 animated youngsters’ film The right way to Prepare Your Dragon. The film reveals how the lead character, Hiccup, adopts and bonds together with his dragon pet defying his tribe’s cultural norms, which require him to kill a dragon to step into manhood. Hiccup, quite the opposite, not solely saves Evening Fury from different Vikings as a substitute of trains it to combat those who refuse to surrender killing dragons for a sport.

Along with the already talked about, dragon characters similar to Falcor (The By no means Ending Story, 1984), Smaug (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, 2013), Mushu (Mulan, 1998) and Eragon are a number of the most well-known and memorable cinematic dragon names of all instances.

The well-known music band ‘Think about Dragons’ have their identify impressed by dragons, and numerous anime mangas and video video games similar to ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and so on even have names impressed by these mighty and majestic beasts.

A really fascinating interpretation of dragons as highly effective entities in Western cultures consists of them as being grasping. Regardless of the ability they possess, dragons are proven as grasping hoarders of treasures of the world until they’re killed, and the human race is free of their vices. Dragons have been given fascinating names stemming from mythology or non secular texts. A few of these names have talked about within the part beneath.


What number of sorts of Dragons names are there?

There are 20+ sorts of dragons talked about within the literature, folklore, legends and cinematic adaptions worldwide. A few of the varieties embody bearded dragons, thunder dragons, earth dragons, fireplace dragons, ice dragons, sea serpents, hybrid dragons, the already talked about Japanese and Western cultural dragons, and Dragonite.

What sort of dragon identify is probably the most highly effective?

Thunder dragons are thought of to be probably the most highly effective.

What are a number of the dragon names talked about in world mythology?

Bahamut (Arabian Legendary dragon), Azure (Chinese language Dragon), Druk (Bhutanese Dragon), Jawzahr (Persian Dragon), Yamata no Orochi (Japnese Dragon) and Fafnir (Norse Dragon) are a number of the numerous mythological dragon names.

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